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Private English Lessons

An enjoyable and comfortable way to improve learners’ English language communication skills on an individual basis with an experienced teacher.


Course Structure

Private lessons are available in the following programs*:

  • General English (GE)
  • IELTS Preparation (IELTS)
  • Business English (BE)
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
  • High School Preparation (HSP)
  • Junior Program (JP)



Entry Requirements


APC is a NEAS Quality Endorsed College.

Course Quick Facts

Course Length

Minimum 5 sessions per booking (55 minutes per session)

Start Dates


EAP/IELTS/BE/HSP/JP 5 sessions $550 10 sessions $950 20 sessions $1,700 Application fee $100 GE 5 sessions $500 10 sessions $900 20 sessions $1,600 Application fee $100

Student Spotlight


Ivana Czech Republic

Ivana is a professional movie director and producer from the Czech Republic. She has worked with a high number of prestigious Czech companies. Besides her main work in film, she is a model, editorial writer, photographer and radio hostess.

Course: English for Academic Purposes
Occupation: Movie Director and Producer
City: Sydney

"I prefer this school, because it helped me to get a good IELTS score last year. I got IELTS 7.0 after 6 months of studies."