Aron’s Story – Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication & ProjectBase Program

Aron - Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication & ProjectBase Program

Aron has completed the Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication and participated in our ProjectBase Program.

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APC provides a mentor and allows me to do my own e-commerce business as work placement. I could not be happier - thanks APC!

Anar – Merit Scholar / General English

The teachers are great as they are very passionate about what they teach and the course content is very practical.

Hisashi – Social Media Marketing

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I love the real life experiences and personal knowledge the teachers bring to the classrooms.

Matias – Marketing and Communications

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The teachers gave me the tools to understand market behaviour, create new ideas and strategies for my clients.

Miguel – Social Media Marketing

The class materials align with current design trends which helps broaden my thought process and skills development in design.

Natsuki – Design Fundamentals