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Barista Skills Training

Get confident for your trial or interview with 12 hours of hands-on barista skills training.


This 12 hour program provides the essentials for coffee-making and café know-how to help you get a job in hospitality during your stay in Australia.

Course Structure


Barista training

  • Use correct café terminology
  • Understand café culture in Australia
  • Make a variety of different types of coffees
  • Operate, clean and maintain coffee machines
  • Foam and texture milk
  • Create coffee art

Sample Timetable

   Class 1  Class 2
09:00 - 15:30      Class Class

**In Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne classes are run on 2 Fridays.
**In the Gold Coast, classes are run on a Monday and Tuesday. 

Entry Requirements

English Level Required*

Intermediate level of English

Application form

Course Quick Facts

Course Length

2 full days (12 hours in total)

Start Dates

Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne
1 March
5 April
3 May
7 June
5 July
2 August
6 September
4 October
1 November
6 December

Gold Coast
4 March
1 April
13 May
3 June
1 July
5 August
2 September
14 October
4 November
2 December



*Note: Special offers apply for APC and EU students, as well as, Barcats community members. Please enquire for the current special offers available.