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5 habits you shouldn't adopt as an international student in AustraliaThursday, 22 Feb 2018

Before you arrived in Australia, you probably dreamed of all the great things you would experience and hoped there would only be positive ones, which is natural. However, the reality is that it can be hard work, at least at first. Once you've settled in and have become a bit more comfortable, it's easy to get into bad habits, avoid pushing the boundaries and to let fear hold you back.

How to get more done in your day without burning outThursday, 8 Feb 2018

At this time of year, once New Year's resolutions are made and implemented, the task ahead is how to maintain them. Setting up good habits during your day and your week is the key to staying on schedule.

Traditional Australian Christmas recipesThursday, 14 Dec 2017

Australian food constitutes a melting pot of cuisines from all over the world and we love to be creative with our recipes, often adding Thai flavours as well as many other Asian ones. Given that we are part of the Asia Pacific region, it's no surprise that we love these cuisines. Below, however, we have listed some of the traditional ones that are easy to make and great for the warmer weather. So if you fancy trying some Australian summer dishes that are also popular at Christmas time, check out these ones which are perfect for hot summer days and simple to make at home.

Stay safe at Australian beaches this summer!Thursday, 7 Dec 2017

Summer is the time of year when Australians and visitors love to spend time on the coast or take part in water sports but tragically every year there are avoidable drownings.

12 ways volunteering can benefit you as an international studentTuesday, 14 Nov 2017

Have you thought about volunteering? Maybe not. Paid employment is understandably a priority but volunteering may offer benefits you may not have thought of. Volunteer roles help international students integrate better and more quickly into their community and is also a great way to get to know the local culture, language, make friends and new contacts. You can also list volunteer experiences on your resume as this experience is valued highly by prospective employers.

Melbourne Cup day fun at APC: Tuesday 7 NovemberMonday, 6 Nov 2017

You may have heard of the Melbourne Cup from your teachers or perhaps from adverts posted around the city but if you weren't in Australia last year you may not know anything about what happens on this day.

R U OK? Day: 14th September 2017Thursday, 14 Sep 2017

Life as an international student can be challenging at times. Dealing with loneliness and homesickness, not to mention having to work out how to navigate new surroundings, can be overwhelming. You need to take steps to avoid being, and feeling isolated, so make sure you ask for help: Ask at APC Student Services or Reception for assistance; talk to new people and try to connect.

Social media can actually be good for usTuesday, 12 Sep 2017

Social media gets a bad rap a lot of the time but research shows that it can be a positive thing. Obviously you can have too much of the good things in life but as this infographic shows below, using social media in the right way can have a positive effect on your life.

Meet Patrizia: APC Student, Yoga Teacher & Founder of Wild Yogi! (Part 2)Thursday, 7 Sep 2017

In part two of our interview with Patrizia, we asked about her clothing label, Wild Yogi and how it was successfully launched.

Free apps for improving your EnglishThursday, 31 Aug 2017

Do you have a spare few minutes travelling to school or work?

Travel tips: Best day trips from Australian citiesTuesday, 29 Aug 2017

If you want to see more of Australia apart from the major cities, here are some suggestions below in an article found on

Australian farmstay experiences for students Thursday, 24 Aug 2017

Rural visits and country holidays are an underrated Australian experience and are often overlooked in favour of the Australian beach experience. Admittedly the beaches and coastal areas are hard to beat, which is why a large percentage of international visitors tend to choose the beautiful scenic coastline, ocean views and water sports Australia is renowned for. Not so many visitors think of venturing much further inland to see what rural Australia has to offer. But there are many farms in Australia that host guests so that they can experience what it is like to live on the land in Australia. Farmstay holidays are a fantastic experience if you want to immerse yourself in a bit of Australian agricultural life and are thoroughly enjoyable for all ages, not just children. Some of the activities you can take part in are:

Conversation tips that will make small talk fun Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017

Starting a conversation, mingling or making small talk in your own language can be difficult enough but it's probably one of the hardest things to do when it's in a language that's not your native tongue. Some people seem to be naturally good at it but it's something that, with a bit of practice, you can become good at it.

How to create new habits and thought patternsThursday, 17 Aug 2017

Are you trying to form new habits or banish negative thinking? Below are 3 sets of slides for a dose of inspiration and motivation.

Learn English conversation from native speakersFriday, 11 Aug 2017

Do you get much of a chance to hear native speakers have conversations and make small talk? As much as the classroom tries to simulate natural native speaker conversation, it doesn't compare to the real thing. You also need to practise outside the classroom.

Meet Lenka, APC Travel studentTuesday, 8 Aug 2017

In this post we feature a story about a Czech student's journey of studying and living in Melbourne. Lenka, who is currently studying at APC, recalls her childhood dream of coming to Australia to start a kangaroo farm! She has had some ups and downs, especially upon arrival in this foreign land but persevered. She has now found lots of great teachers and friends through her studies and workplace, and life as an international student is "the best idea (she has) ever had."