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APC Study Buddy Program

APC Study Buddy Program

APC Study Buddy Program - Support when you need it most!

Applications for the Term 3 Study Buddy Program have now closed!

**Offers will be sent to successful applicants by email on 8 July**

What is the APC Study Buddy Program?

APC Study Buddy Program is a 10-week peer-to-peer mentoring and support scholarship program. We’re selecting up to 80 Study Buddies to provide support and guidance to APC students. Study Buddies will be assigned 50 students to look after during their program. They'll need to check in on them and guide their journey in VLE. Our Study Buddies will receive a $600 Scholarship towards Term 3 tuition fees, a training pack and the rewarding opportunity to give back to their student community. 

What do APC Study Buddies do?

• Facilitate students to navigate the APC Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

• Act as an intercultural co-learner

• Promote diversity and share experiences

Here are some examples of the support they can provide APC Students with:
  • VLE information

  • Zoom tips

  • Google Classroom and instructions on how to submit an assessment (they will not help students to complete their assessments)

  • PLUS, BOOST or Social Club information

  • Who to contact for course enquires

  • Timetable information

  • Where to find information on the APC website

  • APC channels of communication

  • How to make payments 


The APC Study Buddies are assigned up to 50 students to support during their program. 

They will contact the assigned students via email, phone or social media at least 3 times during term.
Study Buddies should respond to a student request
within 24 hours.

Contact is usually one-on-one, but some Study Buddies may invite you to meet as a group.

If you are assigned an APC Study Buddy and do not wish to be contacted further, please, tell them by replying their message.

Our Term 3 2020 Study Buddies