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Industry Partnership Rewards Program 

Marketing and communication students at the Australian Pacific College

APC Education Group strives to expand its brand presence and create opportunities for engagement and learning in the real world for our students. We continue to create industry partnerships by articulating our programs that bring mutual benefit to all involved. 

These opportunities include the development of Work Integrated Learning Programs (ProjectBase, Work Placement), seminars, conferences and work experience placements for APC students.

Here are some common FAQs:

Work Integrated Learning Programs comprise of:


Our ProjectBase program is designed to engage our high-performing students with local businesses and industry professionals to enhance their employability skills and offer them hands-on experience in the current workplace.

This is an 8 week program, at no cost to you, where our students volunteer their ideas in response to your business projects while being assisted by our academic team throughout the program. This allows students to apply the experiences and expertise that they have gained from their qualifications in a real-world setting. They can put their skills to the test and practice teamwork and collaboration with industry stakeholders to bring an idea, concept, or business plan to life.

Work Placement 

Work Placement is an important part of Vocational Education courses, where students have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a real-world business environment and learn from experts in the industry.

Students will be required to complete coursework alongside their work placement. This is specified within the course and subject documents and may include project work and reflective journals for the duration of their work placement experience. These activities are graded components of the course and serve as a way for APC to offer continuous support and guidance to students on a weekly basis during their work placement.

ProjectBase is delivered on campus, while Work Placement can be remote or in-house. 

  • Provide information about your company, organisation or business
  • Complete and sign the following form

  • Participate in meetings (if applicable).

The minimum time frame is 6 months. There is no maximum term.

  • sole trader,
  • small or large company, 

  • Non profit organisations

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Our students are studying a variety of vocational courses such as HR, Leadership and Management, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, User Experience Design and Project Management to name a few. 
  • Innovative Solutions:  Students may bring fresh perspectives, new skills, and innovative approaches to projects

  • Students are selected based on skills, knowledge and commitment based on your recommendations 

  • Enhance your social media outreach and community engagement

  • Cost-Effective: No cost involved

  • Positive Branding: Companies that actively engage with educational institutions often receive positive publicity and are seen as contributors to education and community development.

As an industry partner you will access our Reward Program including various benefits. These are displayed in a simple point rewards system. Each initiative and reward has corresponding value. These are:

  • 1 Full Qualification Scholarship (1000 Points)

  • Event hosting and managing / room hire / eg. breakfast function for 100 attendees or a product launch (1000 Points)

  • Cross promotion on Social Media / T and C apply (300 Points)

  • 1 Single Subject Scholarship (300 Points)

  • 1 Short Course Scholarship (100 Points)

  • Provide information about your company, organisation or business.
  • Complete and sign the following form

  • Participate in meetings (if applicable)

Submit your application by filling out this Application Form . This form will ask you for the following information: 

  • Company profile

  • Company Logo (if applicable)

  • Company website and social media platforms (if applicable)

There is no expiration date. 

Contact the WILC to discuss your options.

What our current Industry Partners say about us:

Participating in ProjectBase has given us great insights into our branding. We are so happy with the level of professionalism that the students brought to this Project and it has been a great experience collaborating with them on our pain-points.
Rodrigo - Co-Founder of Leve Brasil
The APC students created a fantastic marketing strategy for Rice Culture and gave me lots of ideas to improve my branding that were very inspiring and will help me with my business in the future.
Tomoko Onuki - Founder of Rice Culture

Industry Partners