C1 Advanced Preparation

Advanced real-life language skills for use in the professional world and may be used for immigration purposes.

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English Unlimited offers Intensive Cambridge Exam Preparation Classes with Fixed Intakes starting on 18 September 2023 as well as Flexible intake classes starting every Monday.

English Unlimited’s 12 week C1 Advanced course prepares students for the speaking, reading, listening and writing components of the C1 Advanced Exam. In addition to broadening their English vocabulary, increasing communication confidence with native and non-native speakers and developing advanced grammatical structures.

The course adapts general English competencies to the specific requirements of the CAE examination and helps students to develop the necessary linguistic skills to ensure success in the C1 Advanced Exam. Students will learn how to:

  • Express themselves fluently, confidently and effectively
  • Communicate effectively at high levels
  • Participate confidently in professional settings
  • Deal with a variety of cultural situations
  • Research appropriately and competently

Please Note: Our Intensive Cambridge Classes with Fixed Intakes start on 18 September 2023 in Sydney CBD, Melbourne and Brisbane for our Day (4 Day) session and in Manly on 08 January 2024 (see below intake dates).

Flexible intakes (every Monday) will be offered for Evening classes in Sydney CBD and Brisbane.

Please also see our timetable options flyer for more information.

Course Structure

  • Speaking Preparation
  • Reading Preparation
  • Listening Preparation
  • Writing Preparation
  • Vocabulary
  • Advanced Grammar

Entry Requirements

Completion of Upper Intermediate General English.

English Unlimited student undertaking Everyday English

Sample Timetable

  • The above sample timetable is for the DAY (4 Days) timetable option. A similar timetable is also available for DAY (5 Days), Afternoon and Evening classes. – see all Timetable Options
08:30 - 10:30Speaking: Photo analysis; Listening: Podcast 3 – Iconic Australian tourist spotsAustralian Vocab + Discourse Markers; Describing your perfect jobTask-Based Learning: Photo comparisons and comparative languageModule Review – Key Vocab and Grammar: Present Perfect
10:40 - 12:40Topic Introduction: The best job in the worldInteractive Grammar 2: Present perfect simple vs Present perfect continuousVocabulary Building: DescriptorsStudent Project: Interactive task: The Perfect Job
13:00 - 14:00Workshop 1 – Grammar: Present perfect simpleWorkshop 2 – Academic Skills (Writing): Write a blog on the best place you’ve been to in AustraliaWorkshop 3 – Communication Skills: Mock job interviews / Finding the perfect candidate for each jobWorkshop 4 – Accent Coaching: Pronunciation of Long Vowel Sounds

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Bundle and Save on Visa Costs

Course bundling is when you apply for a series of related courses, instead of just one course, saving you money on your visa costs. 

For example, if you are interested in a Certificate II or Certificate III course, you can combine it into a bundle with a related Certificate IV course. Or combine a Certificate IV course with a related Diploma and Advanced Diploma.