Job Club

Helping students seeking part-time or casual work with tips, workshops and help with your CV.

Students at the Australian Pacific College Brisbane campus undertaking group work.

Get help finding part-time or casual work 

We care about your experience in Australia. We understand that finding a job in another country can be scary and difficult, so we want to help you.

Job Club aims to assist students seeking part-time or casual work. Priority is given to new and recently arrived students.

What will Job Club help me with?

  • Provide access to two short courses on interview skills and resume writing
  • Providing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) template that can be easily adapted to specific jobs
  • Providing a cover letter template
  • Providing two tailored CVs and cover letters specifically for jobs in the hospitality and retail industries
  • Providing key information and tips on job hunting
  • Providing option classes to enhance your employability skills (EYES)