Work Integrated Learning

Learn more about work placements and our ProjectBase program to grow your industry experience.

Work placements

Work placement at APC provides you with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and expertise in a particular field, refining your specialised knowledge and practical skills in organisational learning and capability development.

Many vocational courses include work placement as a mandatory component, giving you an opportunity to gain valuable experience and contacts before graduation. The number of hours of work placement will depend on the specific requirements of each qualification.

You will be required to complete coursework alongside your work placement. Information regarding work placement is available in the Work Placement Handbook which should be read in conjunction with the individual course and subject documents.

It is your responsibility to find and secure a host organisation for your work placement. APC will provide you with resources and guidance to support you in securing a host organisation prior to your work placement. 

Individual circumstances may vary, so please consult the Work Integrated Learning Coordinator (WILC) for personalised advice or specific inquiries.


ProjectBase is your opportunity to participate in real-world industry projects, connecting you with businesses and professionals in your field. This extra-curricular program is exclusively designed for all APC students, providing a unique space to turn classroom knowledge into hands-on experience.

ProjectBase brings together APC's brightest students with industry stakeholders, creating a dynamic collaboration. As a participant, you will get the chance to work on innovative projects, events, or new business ventures. It's a golden opportunity to apply your skills, gain real-world insights, and build valuable connections.

  • Real-World Projects: Immerse yourself in actual industry projects alongside real businesses and professionals.
  • On-Campus Engagement: Enjoy a face-to-face program.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Explore different projects each term.
  • Duration: Start your journey in Week 2 and conclude the program in Week 9, with 3 hours per week dedicated to this transformative experience.

  • Industry Connection: Forge meaningful connections with industry professionals.
  • Collaborative Learning: Engage in a community that fosters innovation across diverse businesses.
  • Employability Skills: Strengthen essential skills, preparing you for the demands of the industry.

Registration for the ProjectBase Program is available to APC students from week 8 of each term until week 1 of the following term. 

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