Short Courses

Our non-accredited Short Courses allow students to gain diverse knowledge and skills needed for their new career path in a short timeframe.

Design & Marketing

If you are interested in taking the first steps towards a career in the design industry, consider our short courses such as Design Elements and Principles, or English for Design.

If you are keen to start to master the software designers use, we have courses for you on Photoshop, InDesign and Sketchup.

For those interested in marketing, we have short courses in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

English Language (General)

Some of our general English language short courses are vocabulary-focused, such as the popular Fast Track Your Vocabulary course.

For those from Korea, we have a suite of helpful courses tailored to your needs, with English Grammar for Korean Speakers, English Listening for Korean Speakers, and English Pronunciation for Korean Speakers.

English Language (Academic & Workplace)

Preparing to study a vocational course in Australia? Get prepared with our short courses in academic English, such as Academic Writing and How to Reference in Academic Writing.

If getting a job will be your top priority when you arrive, get a head start by taking our How to Write the Perfect Resume course. If you have a particular industry sector in mind for your job applications, see if we have an English course tailored for that sector, such as English for Hospitality or English for Aged Care.

English Language (Exam Preparation)

IELTS is a globally recognised examination available throughout the world primarily used by those seeking international education, professional recognition, benchmarking to international standards and global mobility. We offer an on-campus IELTS Preparation course at English Unlimited. If you want to know more about it, check out our IELTS Explained short course. There are also more in-depth short courses on each aspect of the exam (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening).

PTE (Pearson Test of English) is another globally recognised examination. Find out more about it in our PTE Explained short course. As with IELTS, there are also more in-depth short courses about each component (Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening).


Australia's hospitality industry is huge, and offers international students many opportunities for part-time and casual work whilst studying.

Be ready with our Hospitality Fundamentals short course, and brush up your English skills in our English for Hospitality short course.

Australians love their coffee, and their baristas! Spend two days on campus on our Barista Skills course to help you get your first hospitality role. 


Does teaching others appeal to you? Learn more about teaching English as a second language in our Foundations of TESOL short course.

Or are you already a teacher wanting to grow your skills in online teaching and learning? If so, check out our Online Teaching and Learning short course.