English Courses at English Unlimited

English Unlimited is a multi-award winning provider of quality English language courses utilising advanced teaching methodology, specially designed course books and flexibility through its asynchronous courses.

General English

Wanting to improve your everyday English? These courses are for you!

For everyday language to make the most of your experience in Australia, look at our General English – Everyday Teaching Method course. 

If you are keen to get into the workforce as soon as possible or have professional goals, check out our Communicative Business English course. Ideal for improving your English while navigating real-world business scenarios, making you a confident and competent global professional.

Our courses take into account the 'real world' of Australian society, community and workplace culture, taking your English skills beyond the classroom to achieve your everyday goals.

Examination & Academic English

Do you want to have recognised English language qualifications to satisfy higher education or employer requirements?

Are you planning to pursue a university degree in Australia?

English Unlimited's exam preparation and Academic English courses are for you!

IELTS Preparation prepares students for the IELTS examination, a globally recognised examination available throughout the world primarily used by those seeking international education, professional recognition, benchmarking to international standards and global mobility. IELTS is recognised by universities and employers in many countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

The B2 First Upper Intermediate course and C1 Advanced course are ideal for improving real-life language skills for use in the professional world. They also lead to completing the IELTS exam, which help towards career progression.

If you are planning to undertake a university degree in Australia, consider our English for Academic Purposes course, to develop your language skills relating to research, essay-writing, oral presentations and tutorial participation.


Private Lessons & Other Programs

Do you want a more tailored, personal approach to improving your English skills? If so, our Private English Lessons are an enjoyable and comfortable way to improve in the areas most important to you.

For those with children aged 9–15 years, English Unlimited's Junior Program  combines language skills and Australian cultural information into a fun and intensive course, building their confidence in using English, and developing a passion for the language.

Short Courses

Would you like to do some study online before you come to Australia? Check out our English language short courses to see what's on offer.

Some courses focus on English for a particular context, such as English for Design, English for Hospitality or English for Aged Care.

Others are tailored for those from a particular country, such as our English Pronunciation, English Grammar and English Listening courses for Korean speakers.

You might also be interested in exploring our full range of Short Courses beyond English language? We have a huge range from Barista Skills to Photoshop Basics and much more.