Paul Gregory | NSW Campus Manager at Australian Pacific College

Paul Gregory

NSW Campus Manager

There are many great benefits to working as the NSW Campus Manager at Australian Pacific College/English Unlimited but by far the biggest is the people. There is not a person in the entire organisation I do not appreciate being able to work with and the support, teaching and cameradie are all great examples of this. 

I also love APC/EU’s constant strive to be better than it was before and stay at the forefront of education especially within its portfolio of courses and the extra services it offers students. Evidence of this is the inclusion of the new course, Diploma of User Experience Design, developing its own ‘Everyday in English’ textbooks and the introduction of Project Base which gets students up front and personal with industry stakeholders to work on and present solutions to their organisation’s problems. Beyond this, is the attention placed on serving a community that spans well beyond the shores of Australia and into countries worldwide that our students come from.

I first walked into a classroom as a teacher in Osaka, Japan in October 2000 and loved it from the first minute. I went on to teach, train and lecture for another 18 years and, although I have only been at APC/EU since May 2022, I have been in management for around six years. I love being involved in the evolution of the school and being part of its continual growth all while at the same time growing as person myself. I am married and have two children, a girl and a boy. I enjoy reading, playing chess and going for bushwalks. I have lived and worked in Melbourne, Kanazawa, Brisbane, Seoul, Perth and for the past 5 years, in Sydney.

Favourite Quote

“We are all the sum total of our thoughts, whether we like it or not.”

– Earl Nightingale