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New HIP fees

We’re changing the way we charge our fees for the Holiday Intervention Program (HIP).
In order to create a fairer system for our students, from January 2020 HIP fees will be charged per assessment (instead of per subject).
Previously, a student with one assessment to re-submit was charged the same as a student with two.
Our new fees will range from $50 - $150 per assessment (depending on attendance and the original assessment result)



Previous fee structure (until Term 3 2019)
Per subject

Online/ASM subjects      

  • FREE (where tutorial attendance is 80%+)

  • $100  (where tutorial attendance is <80%)

Face-to-face subjects         

  • $100  (where lecture attendance is 80%+)

  • $250  (where lecture attendance is <80%)


Online/ASM and 

Face-to-face subjects

New fee structure (from January 2020)
Per assessment

Assessment result

0% - 20%

  • $150 (where attendance is <80%)

  • $100  (where attendance is +80%)

Assessment result

21% - 49%

  • $100  (where attendance is <80%)

  • $50  (where attendance is +80%)

Lecture attendance will be taken into account for face-to-face subjects
Tutorial attendance will be taken into account for online subjects

Reassessment until Week 9 is still free of charge for qualifying students.
If you have any questions about this change, please come and see Student Care.