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If you have a question about the College please check below. If you can't find an answer to your question please contact the College.


Q : What does CoE mean? 
A : Confirmation of Enrolment

Q : What does DHA mean?
A : Department of Home Affairs

Q : I got an SMS from APC to pick up my medibank card. Where do I pick up?
A – For Kent St- All you need to do it to visit the reception area and look in the student pigeonholes. For all other campuses please ask at reception.

Q : I lost/left my ________ in the classroom. Where can I find it?
A : Please go to your reception and ask for the lost and found box.

Q : I requested a document and I received an SMS to pick it up at Kent St. Where can I get it?
A : Please go to reception to pick up any requested documents.

Q : I want to get a student ID.
A : If it is your first ID we will take a picture of you at your orientation (both ELICOS and VET students) then please visit your campus reception to pick it up.

Q : Can you photocopy things for me? Can I buy paper from APC for printing? Can I buy a notebook?
A : Of course. The pricing is as follows: photocopies - 20 cents per page, blank printing paper - 20 cents per sheet, recycled printing paper - free, notebooks - $2 each.

Q : Printer/Internet in the computer labs is not working
A : Not a problem, we will come and assist you and, if required, an IT technician will be called.

Q : My classroom is closed. Can you please open this for me?
A : If not locked for security reasons, one of our Student Services staff can unlock it for you.

Q : I have an appointment with ________. Can I please see her/him?
A : Of course, we will ring that person and inform them of your arrival.

Vocational Courses

Q : I want to check my last term’s results. Where can I check it?
A : Check the student portal ( Log in with your SID number; your password is the same as your online password.

Q : What time does my class start?
A : Go to Student Services and they will check for you. Alternatively, check the timetable on your MyAPC (

Q : I received an SMS that I failed one subject. What should I do?
A : Go to Student Services. They will explain what you need to do. You may have to complete the Holiday Intervention Program or repeat the subject.

Q : I failed the Vocational entry English test. What are my options now?
A : You will need to do more English. Please go to Student Services to ask them what you need to do.

Q : What are the requirements to apply for a VET course?
A : Academic/English requirements depend on the course. Passport/visa requirements may also apply.

Q : Can I apply for a fee agreement? What is the procedure to have a fee agreement?
A : Go to Student Services and talk to them about the reasons for needing a fee agreement. They will tell you what your payment plan is (additional fee may apply).

Q : Can I get a timetable after the enrolment period?
A : No. If you have difficulty during the enrolment period please contact the College immediately. Late enrolments in weeks 1 and 2 of term are usually not possible without evidence of compassionate/compelling circumstances.

Q : What should I do if I was sick and I couldn't come to class?
A : Bring medical certificates and fill in a leave form at Student Services.

Q : What should I do if I cannot upload my assessments online?
A : See Student Services or send an email to

Q : I forgot my password to login to the online courses portal. What should I do?
A : See Student Services or send an email to

Q : What is the difference between suspend and defer my course?
A : Suspend means you are stopping for a while after the start date of your course. Defer means you are delaying the start of your course before the start date of your course

Q : I am going back to my home country. What do I have to do?
A : Go to Student Services to complete a Student Course Variation form. You may be asked to provide some documents.

Q : I failed to re-enrol. What are my options now?
A : Go to Student Services and talk to them first. You have 3 options: 1) leave the country 2) study in another college (in that case, you will need to pay the cancellation fee) 3) study with us as a brand new student and study GE until the next intake date

Q : I would like to move to another college. What should I do?
A : You will need to talk to Student Services before week 7 of the term. They will ask you to fill in a Student Course Variation form. After week 7 a cancellation fee applies.